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The legends tell…

Once upon a time, when the Earth was young and void of life, the nine Xulnari known as “Gods” by the men of old, took form and descended to the land. In the beginning, the Earth had only one great continent, Rodinia. Over the grand ocean of Mirovia, the Xulnari raised a new continent where they would dwell, which they called “Xulima” for “Home of the Xulnari”.

From there, they began the grand work of creating life to inhabit the great continent of Rodinia. There were many attempts, over many years, but each new form of life was kept confined on Xulima, because none was deemed worthy to inherit the land of Rodinia.

Eventually, Humans were created and the Lords of Xulima, proud of their work, sent them to populate Rodinia. There, the humans settled and created many kingdoms and cultures. With the passage of years, the remote continent of Xulima was largely forgotten by mankind, who only mentioned it in their oldest legends.

Time passed, and the Kingdoms of Man grew large and powerful; soon they also became proud and ambitious. Conflicts broke out between the great Kingdoms and the continent was plunged into war, dragging every village and community into devastating strife that showed no signs of ending.

It is told that the Lords of Xulima, grieved by the conflict, wanted to intercede. However, not all were in agreement. A new war erupted, this one between the nine Lords themselves. Soon they left the world in order to move their conflict beyond the stars, in an attempt to protect the land from their wrath.

But, they did not abandon mankind entirely. Golot, the Master of Dreams, chose a Herald among men to end the conflicts that withered the lands. This Herald was Gaulen, a seasoned Explorer. Guided by the dreams of Golot, Gaulen sailed east, crossing the great sea of Mirovia to reach the land of legend.

Gaulen and his group will be the first humans born from the grand continent to walk on the sacred lands of Xulima.


Story Features

  • Based on a Mythology created several years ago, which was first planned for an epic novel.
  • One chapter of a grand, intricate trilogy where the conspiracies of the Xulnari go beyond the imaginable.
  • A saga where the line between good and evil is not always what it seems. Answers lie scattered across distant eras, from the moment the World was born to its ultimate end.



The Lords of Xulima










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