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Numantian Games  is happy to present new screenshots for our upcoming debut, Lords of Xulima. We have selected these images to show some of the rich diversity of places and creatures that can be found on the mythical continent of Xulima. You will be able to freely roam this land, exploring the natural surroundings and discovering the varied creatures that inhabit them. Throughout the landscape you will find temples, landscapes and towers that hide mysterious secrets and treasures…

Lords Of Xulima : The Fire Titan
The Dwelling of the Fire Titan on the Lava Lake of Vilak
Lords Of Xulima - The Sand Worm of Pernitia
 The terrible Sand Worms that stalk the desert of Pernitia. 
Lords Of Xulima- The Arena of Sorrentia
 The Ogre of the Frozen Mountains of Karraga.
Lords Of Xulima - Herbal Preparations
Mix herbs you’ve collected in your travels to improve your party members’ traits.
Lords Of Xulima- The Arena of SorrentiaThe Arena of of Sorrentia, where you can fight for money and challenge the Champion of the Arena.
Lords Of Xulima - The Towers of Sorcery
Scattered across the continent, Towers of Sorcery built by the Gods hide ancient divine artifacts.

Lords Of Xulima- The Living Trees Slow but lethal, the Odendro is the protector of the Living Woods of Cunavarn.

Lords Of Xulima - The Golden Forest

 The beauty of the Golden Wood is unmatched, but not even the most intrepid explorer can hope to pass through it and remain sane without knowing its secrets.
Lords Of Xulima- Velegarn VillageVelegarn is one of the five villages that you can visit on the continent of Xulima.
Lords Of Xulima - The Temple of Febret

 The Temple of the Goddess Fébret was sealed and cursed and now contains only death and horror. 
Lords Of Xulima- Yul's HeraldThe first encounter with one of the heralds of the deity Yul, the Guardian of Souls.
Lords Of Xulima - Priestess of Febret

The priestess of the Goddess Fébret in Velegarn.

If you would like to see more about how we construct the world of Lords of Xulima, you can see a small technical demonstration in the video section.

Also, if you would like to know more about the mechanics and design of Lords of Xúlima we invite you to visit our blog where we describe the directions we have taken regarding important aspects of game design and how they compare to other RPGs.

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It's a pity you don't have a donate button; I'd send a little something to a company who put so much care into designing a classic RPG in this day and age. I guess for now i'll settle with adding your RSS feed to my Google account and sharing what I can with my facebook groups. Good luck!
    Aric [Numantian Games]
    Thank you for helping us spread the word! We'll also be launching a Kickstarter campaign soon, so you will have a chance to donate there, and any publicity you can help us with will be much appreciated.
I have read some bits on this blog, I find these screenshots especially interesting. they're new, aren't they?

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