Crowdfunding for Lords of Xulima

When we established Numantian Games and set out to develop Lords of Xulima, we planned the project to be viable in economic terms and in terms of the time needed for development because we knew that as an independent studio we would need to fund the project on our own.

Fortunately, our projections for the time and funding required have so far proven to be very accurate. The development of Lords of Xulima has been progressing at a good pace. We’ve finished about 60% of the game’s content, many testers are already playing the demo version and there is currently nothing on the horizon that poses any danger to the game’s ultimate completion and release.

That said, we may have to delay its release about a month. This is mainly due to balancing difficulties, which have proven to be much more complicated than expected. At the end of the day, it is a large open world RPG with over 60 hours of game play and hundreds of possibilities, so there is a lot of balancing to do and we want to get it right.

So… Why Crowdfunding?

Basically, there are three optional features that we’re not certain if we’re going to be able to include because of their costs.

Lords of Xulima is our first production and even though for us it’s the ideal role-playing game into which we’ve put all of our passion and thousands of hours of work, we really don’t know how it will do commercially.

For this reason we’ve decided to start a crowdfunding campaign to try to include these features that would improve the game and make Lords of Xulima a much more well-rounded production.

An Original Soundtrack

Lords of Xulima requires 18 different music themes (more than 60 minutes of soundtrack). There are different themes for different regions of the continent, for combat, and for interiors like dungeons, castles and temples. Currently, the music of Lords of Xulima has been carefully selected from different tracks available commercially and, frankly, we think the result is pretty good. However, we would love to have an original soundtrack composed especially for the game, one that fits perfectly with the different environments of Xulima and, above all, a grand epic theme that gives identity to Lords of Xulima.

To have a quality soundtrack that’s more than an hour in length will mean contracting a good artist for the composition to work with us for three of four months.

Additional Languages

As you may know, Lords of Xulima will launch in both English and Spanish. Of course, this is a game with a lot of text and dialogs (the equivalent of a novel of more than 400 pages) including riddles and word games whose solutions are necessary to progress in the adventure. It is important to us that players are able to enjoy the game in their native languages and we have received many requests for the game to be translated into more languages like German, French, Russian and Italian. We would love to include all of these languages, but each new language needs a perfect translation, with rigorous revisions and testing to ensure quality is maintained.

More Content

From the beginning we’ve designed Lords of Xulima with the intention having some optional content that would be included during the development if time and funding allowed.  Here are some of the features we would like to include:

  • New classes like the Warrior Monk and the Alchemist.
  • New regions like the Garden of Nameria and the Enchanted Isles of Varas Talak.
  • New quest arcs: Lords of Xulima consists of three main quest arcs that are explored in parallel as the player explores the games: The Impious Princes, the Titans, and the Divine Artifacts. To these three we would like to add the Guardian of Ulnalum and the Children of Raznet. These arcs would include new locations, non-player characters and enemies.

Lords of Xulima - Goals Map Sample

To avoid this being all or nothing, we divided these elements into smaller goals, so that depending on the success of the campaign, we can include all, or just some of them, in the final game.

In the event that we are able to raise significantly more funding than we currently expect we also have a couple of very special features to include. One of these is a new “Roguelike” game type where players will have to escape the Dungeon of Torments, a randomly generated dungeon full of traps and dangers that make for a truly hardcore experience.

Kickstarter or Indiegogo?

Our first intention was to launch our campaign on Kickstarter, which is the more famous cowdfunding portal where the majority of recent campaigns to raise money for video games have taken place.

However, because Numantian Games is a Spanish group, we were running into a lot of difficulties using Kickstarter for the campaign due to the payment method being through Amazon Payments, which only works if you are based in the US or the UK. This proved to be a complicated barrier to us using as there were too many legal and tax implications at play for us to try any work arounds.

So, we decided to use the second most popular crowdfunding portal, Indiegogo.

Really, both portals are virtually identical. Kickstarter is more restrictive in the projects that it allows on its pages, but, just like with Indiegogo, the responsibility for meeting the funding goals rests squarely in the hands of the team running the campaign. In both portals it is the contributors who must decide if they are willing to place their trust in those running the project. On behalf of the team, we hope that the choice of the portal is not a barrier for you to decide whether or not to support our project.

We are working hard to create a video for the campaign which features many new images and gameplay clips that we have not shown before. We have also created some special rewards to thank you for your support.

The campaign will launch in the beginning of September. From Numantian Games you have our sincere thanks for your support.

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  • On August 15, 2013
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Johnny Bravo
Hey guys, good news you are still working on the game, havent heard in a long time about it. So if you start the indiegogo campaign, im guessing the game comes next year? I knew it was supposed to come out this november
    Menorbriam [Numantian Games]
    Hello Johny Bravo. Thank you very much for following us. Yes, Lords of Xulima was scheduled to be released at the end of this year, but we are a bit delayed (one month more or less) due to the big scope of the project and also the crowfunding campaign has taken us some time to prepare. Anyway, the development is going very well and we are working hard to launch Lords of Xulima in January/February 2014.
i would definitely prefer a Kickstarter campaign ($)... not sure if i am going to pledge on indiegogo just sayin...
    Menorbriam [Numantian Games]
    Hi Dexter. We understand your point. We tried Kickstarter first, but sadly it was almost impossible for a non-USA company. Anyway, the campaign would be identical in Kickstarter because both platforms work in the same way. And in both you have to trust on the project and in the author before pledging. Wait to see the pitch video because we are going to show lots of features and new game content.
      Did you check with any of the German teams? Jagged Alliance Flashback, Giana Sisters, Battle Worlds Kronos are some German Projects and as far as I know they have single Individuals in the US where they can funnel the money through. Expeditions Conquistador and Legends of Eisenwald are some examples for other non "native kickstarter" projects.
        Menorbriam [Numantian Games]
        Yes, we know about those projects. But it is not as easier as having an American partner (we have already one) to launch the campaign. Because that person takes several risks: First of all, that person is responsible of the project (providing the promised rewards, reaching the goals of the project,...). Second, all the money earned will be treated as income so he will have to pay all the taxes related to those earnings, and also we will have to pay taxes in our country (so we have to pay twice). So, using kickstarter would be much more riskier and, furthermore, the rewards would be more expensive to deal with all the taxes. So we have decided to use Indiegogo, much safer for us and cheaper for the pledgers. It was a very tough decision, anyway.
Would have prefered Kickstarter as well. While I don't know the stats I am pretty sure that it's worth the effort, even if that means you have to change the structure or have to pay a couple of thousand dollars to make it possible. There are also a couple of projects who did a 30 day kickstarter campaign, followed by a longer and open ended indiegogo campaign. But definitely would not want to miss the attention kickstarter is providing.
Are you aware that Kickstarter will work with you through PayPal. Personally, I will not make or promise any purchase on line except through PayPal.
    Menorbriam [Numantian Games]
    Sorry, but as far as we know, Kickstarter only works with Amazon Payments for the projects and does not accept paypal in any case, even for the pledgers that must pay using a credit card and following the Amazon payment checkout process: Indiegogo does accept Paypal for the project creators as well as the pledgers. Also, pledgers don't have to register in order to pledge. So, yes, you can pledge for Lords of Xulima with your Paypal account.
What's the problem with Indigogo anyway? I financed a couple of projects on that site and never encountered any problems. Kickstarter wasnt supporting any canadian projects until very recently.
    Indiegogo simply isn't as well known as Kickstarter, and consequently, people are more skeptical of the unknown. Also, some people are skeptical of the "Flexible Funding" model of Indiegogo where a campaign creator can receive the money even if they don't meet their goal because if you say you "need" X dollars how are you going to make it with less.(However, flesible funding is only an option). I will most likely back Lords of Xulima on IndieGogo if they're asking a reasonable amount for a digital copy of the game.
      Menorbriam [Numantian Games]
      @DAVE: We agree with your points. We think that flexible funding model is right for projects that are going to be developed and finished regardless the crowdfunding campaign result. Some money is better than nothing and can make the life easier for developers who are working in their first project. Thank you for your support. We think that the prices for Lords of Xulima and the different rewards are really fair and honest, we want that Lords of Xulima can be played by as many players as possible.
Jack Dandy
Hey. I hope it will do well for you guys.
when is the Kickstarter going up? wasn't there in time for indiegogo, but I'm rooting for you guys :)
Hi there, No new info since a long time :-< How is the dev going ? Will you be ready for March as planned ? Will you open the backer forum soon ? Thanks for you answer.
Alberto villanueva borobia
Hola, Numantian Games. Estoy entusiasmado con vuestro juego, no se cuantas horas he jugado ya.....jeje. Quiero animaros a conseguir un juego inolvidable, que lo estaís logrando, y además hecho en España!!!! Me encanta todo lo que he jugado hasta ahora, y solo me gustaría opinar sobre la acumulación de ítems que hay que vender.(que tal comprar un baúl en las posadas para guardarlos) También se podría mejorar el alcance de recogida de plantas con el aumento de nivel de la especialidad de plantas. Pero vaya, un juegazo que no dejo de recomendar a todos mis amigos jugones. Espero la versión completa con muchas ganas!! Un saludo!!!
Enhorabuena por el juego, pero una crítica constructiva: La página oficial o la actualizáis u os la cargáis, pero dejarla a medias da una imagen de dejadez que ni os merecéis ni os conviene. Saludos.

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