The Lost Continent of Xulima


Today we are proud to present one of the many special perks offered during our Kickstarter campaign: The Map of Xulima.

We’ve dedicated a lot of time and effort into perfecting it because, for us, it is a really inspiring view of the world we have envisioned. We hope it will be for you, too!

Lords of Xulima Map

From within the game you’ll be able to consult this map whenever you’d like. Additionally, all of those who supported our campaign will receive a high definition digital version. For those fortunate few who chose the special boxed edition of the game, we’re also preparing a full color poster of the map! The original image has 16 megapixels; here you have a small sample of its quality:


We have to admit that we were inspired by the maps of classic games like Might & Magic and Wizardry. Those maps were full of vibrant colors, with mysterious locations and intriguing creatures. At the same time, they were accurate and creative representations of the actual game world. For us, they were authentic works of art. I remember one of the most memorable moments of my childhood, opening the box of my first RPG: “Might and Magic II” for the Super NES (what times!). As I unfolded the map of the World of Cron for the first time, I was totally blown away. I can’t remember whether I fainted or not, but either way it remains an incredible source of inspiration to this day.

Sometimes, it seems like the art of making these imaginative and beautiful maps has been lost… like so many other great aspects of old-school RPGs. In my opinion, the maps for some of today’s games are… well, I think an image here is worth more than a thousand words. Here you have the maps for OblivionDragon Age and Skyrim. These games seem to lack a captivating, global view of the world; a certain identity or personality which makes you want to explore it and discover its secrets.

I hope you enjoy viewing this piece as much as we did creating it. The map of Xulima is sure to be an invaluable companion as you explore its mysterious regions!

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  • On April 8, 2014
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What a wonderful news! It reminds me of the days of Ultima IV when I opened the box to reveal the cloth map! Will you make a cloth version of the map? I'd be willing to buy it as a separate gift item if you'd do one. Cannot wait to start playing now... Take care and thanks for the good work.
    Menorbriam [Numantian Games]
    Thanks William! The full color poster will be A3 (297 x 420 mm or 11.7 x 16.5 inches). It will be included in all the boxed editions of Lords of Xulima including the ones purchased from our pre-order web. Sorry but it won't be available as a separate gift. And also the boxed editions wont' be available when the game be released. Only digital versions.
I found this game on steam and didn't even realize it was on Kickstarter I would have FOR SURE entered in to get a sing boxed version of it ($120 tier). I know its probably too late to ask but could I donate through paypal and still be eligible to do this...

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