Beta Edition Available

Beta Edition


As you can imagine, we have been quite busy lately; there are already dozens of backers playing the beta of Lords of Xulima.

These dedicated players have been kind enough to let us know, through our development forum, about various bits of the game which required our attention. Fortunately, most of these corrections were related to in-game text: English localization, spelling errors, missing tooltip descriptions, and other similar things. Naturally, we continue to address issues as they come up, whether they are minor or part of the bigger family of compatibility errors.

With additional feedback from our backers to consider, we have tweaked lots of rules and game parameters so as to improve the game’s balance and difficulty. Now, we think Lords of Xulima is much more polished and ready to welcome new beta players!

The New Beta

The latest Beta version includes voice-overs which were missing, Steam achievements as well as a fully implemented Hall of Heroes in the region of Varaskel. Just like the previous Beta phase, we will send out invitation e-mails to ask if you would like to participate in the Beta program. As always, we would like to recommend that players wait until the final version for the best experience possible, but if you wish to play, you can do it now!

Since the process of sending invitations and keys is a task we have to do manually, we will need several days to contact everyone, so we appreciate your patience. This upcoming Monday is when the take-off happens, and if all goes well it might even start sooner!

As a reminder, this Beta version will be available for all those who pledged for the Beta Player Edition in Kickstarter (or those who pre-ordered from our website). Of course, it is also available for all those who pledged for higher rewards.

Wallpapers & Worldmap Rewards

Last week we sent out wallpapers to eligible backers. This week, we will send you the high-definition Worldmap of Xulima. We hope you like it, and that it will inspire you to look forward to exploring the vast world of Xulima.

LoX World Map

You might be interested in knowing that the small beach known as Tranquil Coast, in the western part of Velegarn, is where the adventure starts…

…and that’s it. For now! See you soon!

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  • On June 12, 2014
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Youpi !! I suppose we will receive the email with the steam key ? Thanks
    Sorry... ;-) I was too excited to read more than the new beta is available ;-) I will wait till you send out the invite mails Thanks for the good work !!
    The email will be an invite asking if you'd like to be part of the beta. When you get the email, respond back that you're interested. Then the key will be sent out! The goal is to have all emails sent by Monday, but we're hoping for sooner! ^_^
    Same here for me and i am also so excited to get into the game ;)
I'm still waiting for beta key. Please, I'm too excited...
Any news? haven't received any invitation/key as of yet (and it's wednesday). (un)Patiently waiting...
Aun estais con el proceso de envio de claves para la beta ? No me ha llegado nada Saludos
Menorbriam [Numantian Games]
All the Beta invitation have been sent some days ago. If you haven't received anything please write an email to Todas las invitaciones para la Beta han sido enviadas hace algunos días. Is no las habéis recibido por favor escribir un email a
Has the worldmap been sent only to beta testers? When will the rest of us receive it?
    Menorbriam [Numantian Games]
    The world map has been sent to all the backers and preorders. If you have not received please send us an
At this moment I am ready to do my breakfast, once having my breakfast coming over again to read further news.

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