New Official Trailer for Lords of Xulima!


Many people have worked very hard on it: music composer, voice actor, sound engineer, artists. We really hope you like it!

As we promised last week, here you have the new official Trailer of Lords of Xulima!


For non English speakers, you can activate the subtitles for the Youtube video.

Steam Store

Our Steam store page is already set up and live to the public, as Lords of Xulima will be listed as Coming Soon until this Friday. All of our backers that already have played it, can now write their reviews and comments there. This is something we would really appreciate, as it would help improve the trust of Lords of Xulima for the future players that visit the store.

We will send the Steam Keys to our backers during this week. If possible, we will try to get them to you even earlier than the real launch.

And that’s all for now, see you on Friday!

  • Posted by Julie
  • On August 5, 2014
Tags: lords of xulima, numantian games, Steam Early Access


Valadurs Erbe
Wrote a review on Steam, I hope it helps. It is in English now. Since I am a German speaker, would it have been better to write a German one? To reach more different people? Looking forward to Friday :)

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