MEGA UPDATE: Workshop and much more!

Welcome to Lords of Xulima V.2.0!

To celebrate the first anniversary of Lords of Xulima, we have released a major update with a lot of new things.


The Workshop

Finally, the Workshop is available. With the Workshop, you can create your own mods for the game in which you can change the rule set system to create a unique experience or simply to improve the original game to your taste.

We have created a specific application, the Lox Editor. With this tool, you can change the global parameters of the game, the encounters, monsters, skill, classes, treasures… in a very easy way. Then you can publish your mods so other users can try your version of LoX.

Players can easily manage the mods and activate them from inside the main game menu. First, subscribe to the ones you like in the Workshop page of LoX and then you can activate them directly from the game.

You now have three Mods available: “No Random Encounters Edition” (created by the Team), “The Deepest Dark” by the user Celerity and the “Streamlined Edition” by Valadurs Erbe. Hope you enjoy them!

Lords of Xulima Workshop

Improved Game Balance

For the new version, we have tweaked a bit the difficulty levels to achieve a better overall balance. The treasures are now better and the bosses from the mid-end part of the game are now more challenging. The Normal version is a bit harder. Also, the resistances are capped at 90 as many features of the game were broken when you got immunity to certain types of damage.


New Wallpaper and Portrait for Gaulen


Our friend and great illustrator Nicole Cadet created a new portrait for Gaulen which you can see in the game. There is also an awesome new wallpaper. The HD version is included in the Deluxe Edition. Surely the scene represented is very familiar to you ;o).

New Main Theme

Our composer Nicolas de Ferran has recorded again the main theme with the Russian violinist Maria Grigoryeva playing the Solo Violin. The main theme of LoX is now more beautiful than ever.

And that’s all for now…

We really hope you enjoy the Workshop. Playing the new mods can be a new original experience, providing you the perfect excuse to replay Lords of Xulima.

Although we are working on more projects, like the consoles porting of Lords of Xulima and a new very secret game, we will continue working to improve our beloved old-school RPG.

Thank you very much for your great support and see you soon!

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  • On November 14, 2015
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Sebastián Cámara
Awesome!! I love the new main theme. Will be available in the downloadable soundtrack?
    Yes it's available to download.
Nice update, I'm currently 29hrs into the game but looks like I'll patiently wait for the GOG update before continuing. Just one question, is the Lox Editor going to be available to GOG users? Thank you for your support, I love your game.
Is new 2.0 update save compatibile? Beacause Im already quite far in the game and I like it and dont want to repeat all over again.
    Yes, the saves are compatible.
A Person
Supporting the DRM-ification of modding? I'm glad I never got around to putting money toward this.
Is there any way to download those mods for the DRM-free version of the game? I have no access to Steam Workshop
    The Mods from Steam Workshop can be used with the GOG version. Copy the mod folder in the My Games\Lords of Xulima\Mods folder.
Hi,I noticed you wrote an iteirestnng blueprint for a space sim/FPS/TPS with RPG elements type game which i just came across.I had a similar idea (totally independently i promise and posted it on the Frontier Developments site. The way i see such a game is Frontier/FFE type space simulator, but your ship is like a cruiser carrying aroiund your galactic commando unit ( a la XCOM Ufo Enemy Unknown) played out on planet surfaces and space stations or bases, like a third person (over the shoulder shooter). Anyways: Imagine Elite/ME/XCOM combo type game that would be special I'm sure this is way too ambitious but my dream game would be one where you have a squad based tactical shooter like ME, but it expands the squad based RPG system along the lines of detail one finds in the first XCOM games. So each of their stats (health, strength, reactions, accuracy etc) improve as they practice those stats during missions. And they should be allowed to die if they are too weak. You will care vastly more about the quality of your team if they can actually die, loosing them for the rest of the game. So you can have the same emphasis on building a strong team, relationships etc and care infinitely more about them.The combat for such a system could be handled in real-time with a pause (squad order function) as in ME1/2 or say like in Fallout 3 with a VATs type system. XCOM was turn based but could today be implemnted with the more modern combat systems using pause to queue up orders/targets.So where does Elite/Frontier/FFE come into the equation? If you look at the ME1/2 galaxy map its similar to the galaxy maps in Braben's space sims. Basically you have a load of star systems/clusters along the galactic plane. However Frontier/FFE had literally thousands of planets you could land on. Problem is you could not get out explore the terrain, as this is early 90s and graphics were crap compared to today.So in a nutshell, the game handles surface based cities, bases, missions as in ME1 or 2. But then handles any space travel as a space-sim. You as the Commander buy your ships, outfit them, perhaps choose how much of an escort fighter wing is needed, drones etc I would suggest one has a cruiser with fighters on board which can be launched for space based battles/protect the cruiser or mothership. Either the computer handles the drones, fighters, or the player can take over as wing leader. So there would be a similar stat based RPG system to the pilots you hire to fly the fighters off your cruiser (which has quarters for crew/squad etc just like in ME1/2.There could be a main plot/quest which revolves armound various star systems, and then side missions available from space stations BBS type forums, perhaps they only open up as your XP and levels increase. And you can have different factions throughout the galaxy which you can do jobs for. Think Morrowind guilds/factions etc in space.Okay so this is super ambitious but a way to make it possible to add mass content to the game is to create a DLC editor that handles all objects including planets, surface envronments, NPCs, ships, weapons, armour etc So modders could say stake out planet x in the y system and add content such as a base, or a city, NPCs, missions etc However it absolutely has to be an open universe. None of this maps closing behind you and not being able to return to systems and planets. Also space travel should be realistic if the player wants it, with a time dilation feature for those that just want to always travel instantaneously from say system relay entry to habitated destination. Perhaps space combat is not handled in newtonian fashion because i dont see how most gamers could get into the science necessary to understand acceleration/de-acceleration physics, but the standard travelling could be newtonian based to some extent. Am i being overtly optimistic? Probably. a0|a0
The Mods from Steam Workshop can *not* be used with the GOG version. There is no way to download them.

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