They Are Billions: Units Update Part 1


Today we are going to speak a bit about some of your best friends in the game. These are the three units you will first meet in the game. As all of them are mercenaries, you will have to pay them well if you want them to protect your colony. Also, you will have to deal with their tormented and extreme personalities, but what would you expect? After all, the world is doomed…

So you can understand the game icons, this is what they mean in order:
Armor, Speed, Attack Range, Damage, Attack Speed (shots per second)
Watch Range, Workers Used, Food Used and Gold Cost.


they are billions sniper unit

Even though this sadistic killer would be in jail in times before the apocalypses, they now are one of the best mercenaries you can rent. After all, the enemy of your enemy is your best friend. Snipers walk slowly and take their time to load their big rifle. However, Snipers have a very high attack range. With their incredible aim, they can kill most of the infected with just one shot to the head. Don’t ask where they learned these skills… They are expensive and require you to build specific extensions in the Wood Workshop to craft their rifles, but believe us, they are worth every penny.


They Are Billions Ranger


They are independent, brave and the most clever but, they don’t like to accept orders. Don’t think for a moment that you can give them an order without listening to a sarcastic answer from these girls. However, they are also the best survivors in this ruined world. They run extremely fast, faster than any other unit or infected (except the Harpy…). Also, they are silent. They can shoot their arrows with their steampunk bow without doing much noise. They are perfect for exploring the map and clearing small infected groups without attracting big swarms.


They Are Billions Soldier Unit

Soldiers are the only ones that have received military training. They are also diligent and courageous. They hate the infected and are the only ones that still believe that the world can be saved. They have a strong personality, but you can trust them. This versatile unit can serve any purpose. They wear heavy armor and wield a powerful sub-machine-gun. One of them can easily kill a group of infected, and a pack of them can defeat event the strongest enemies, but at a cost. Their noisy weapons can call the attention of the nearby infected. No unit is better to patrol and protect the colony walls.

Some words about the development

We are working now in the design of the campaign. We have added a lot of new features that will make the campaign a great single player experience.  Also, we are designing it to be very dynamic, with lots of strategic options, a huge technology tree divided into five classes, and an engineering tree to craft new buildings. We want that every player play a different game in a unique mode. In the next update, we will talk more about the campaign.

And that’s all for now.
See you soon!

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  • On July 14, 2017
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I love this idea and have already followed the game on steam. BTW can we have some shotgun or armored melee units? I think it will be really cool to fight zombies in close range.
Old Faithful
looking really good, can't wait :)
Tobias Krewinkel
Looks quite interesting. God damn i want to try this one :D
The email for the website devs for this game is broke. Wanted suggest a few things! But i am excited to see the game release!
    Sorry the link was broken. It is now fixed. Feel free to try again or email us at Otherwise, you can head over to our Steam page and join the discussion!
      Hah! It worked, thanks!
Obviously I'm here after the Halloween release videos made the game explode. Congratulations, and I'm excited you're making this! In watching a lot of TAB I noticed the bad, long, irrelevant/sarcastic unit barks but didn't realize until I read this that they were bad on purpose. Drawn-out barks that punish the user for playing aren't clever, they're just bad design. Your three clips of "world building" get played every two seconds, and within minutes they become mush. They can either be just mush or they can be irritating mush. Barks are like a chair - the best case is that the user doesn't notice it. You've chosen, in exchange for nothing, to make your users constantly feel slightly irritated at units and an interface you want them to like. I do acknowledge that you at least give the option to turn them off. A matter of the interface there, I want to call to your attention that about 1 in 10 males around the world - so probably more than 1 in 20 of your users - is red/green colorblind. The difference between attributes and resource consumption for units will be invisible to them. There are all sorts of ways to fix it, the simplest being that everything consumed should have a minus sign like the gold does. I'd go further and divide upkeep from attributes with a box or line.
    To hypothetical readers: I know what a paragraph is, the comment field eats newlines.
Why do you have a "Get the beta" button if you no longer have any free keys to try the game and instead you want people to pay 20+ dollars to "try" this game out? No thank you.....
Could we get a tech tree published? Or some tutorial scenarios (full voiced) published? I've failed at 35 games in the last two days and my most recent achievement was day 57/100. I still have no idea how some things work, or what to expect beyond great bellista towers and stone walls.
Flame towers? Flame infantry that can be garrisoned in a tower? Close range combatants? (cleaver and a shield?) lower the worker costs of buildings? Remove worker costs from unit production?
Gotta nit pick about the units and their voice overs a bit. The world has ended and humanity is being consumed by the dead. Yet your soldiers are more interested in getting payed then surviving? Also can't stand the comment made by the soldiers: "For the humans!" Seriously? Are there dwarves, orcs and elves in the game? I better line would be "For the living!" Other wise its a great game with lots of potential!
i want fraying pan wielding heroes...and always shout its clubbing time!!..

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