They Are Billions Update: The Villages of Doom

Greetings! First of all, we have created a small mini teaser for They Are Billions. It fits really well with the mood of the game. We hope you enjoy it.
Please, share it with your friends if you like it!

Today we will talk about a new element of the gameplay: The Villages of Doom.

The Villages of Doom

It is said that when the infection spread across the mega cities of the 22nd century, thousands of the surviving families escaped and they settled in the small villages of the country to avoid the infection. They call them Villages of the Alive. They felt safe for some time as they expected the infection would remain in the cities. After all, the infected weren’t very smart beings. But when the mega cities collapsed and no human life remained, the infected did not stay there any longer. Swarms of millions of infected left the cities and started to roam around the country like a plague of locusts. And perhaps it was by some far echoes from the villages brought by the wind or perhaps small particles of human smell in the air, the swarms managed to find the villages.

The new settlers dug deep bunkers under their houses to hide from the infected but it was useless. The infected turns crazy when there are humans near and can break everything with just their hands.

Ultimately, the villages turned into nests of the infected. The new humans of the colonies call them Villages of Doom and always avoid them. It seems the infected are surprisingly comfortable in those nests, staying there quiet and silent until something disturbs them.


During the game, you will find some of these Villages of Doom. You will have to be very careful when encountering them. Destroying them will cause thousands of infected to leave their nests. Make sure you have a big army, otherwise you will become easily overwhelmed. On the other hand, don’t think that you are safe if you let some infected periodically to go out to investigate noises or smells. If your colony is near one of them, you can be sure they will find you.

At least if you manage to destroy them, you can collect a lot of resources that those poor old settlers stored with them in their bunkers. Decide for yourself and good luck!


We continue with the development of all the campaign elements. We are currently working on the trains and railway network. Let us share a design drawing of the locomotive:

Crowdfunding Campaign?

We have received many emails and comments about the possibility of backing the development of They Are Billions. Thank you very much for your support, it is very much appreciated.

We considered some months ago about launching a Kickstarter campaign for They Are Billions, but we thought it was not a good idea. First, because preparing and running a KS takes a lot of time. This prevents us from working on the game itself. Even if all goes well, it can easily take 2 months away from development. Second, we already have the funds to produce the game. OK, of course extra money would allow us to include extra features like more languages, cinematic, voices in additional languages… But the game core would still be the same. The other problem is that we risk failing and not reaching our goal. Then all of the dedicated time and effort is wasted.

So, the other option that looks more easy and reasonable is to offer the same KS rewards directly from our website. That way people wishing to back the game can do so while we focus on the development as scheduled. If all goes well, we can add those extra features to the game.

Among the rewards would be the access to the current beta to play the survival mode, private access to the development forum to give feedback and ideas, have your name in the credits, digital steampunk or zombie portraits, develop a building or unit… and much more. We will give further details on them in the next update.

What do you think? KS or direct backing from our web?

Thanks for your feedback, and see you soon!

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  • On August 23, 2017
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Chris Gage
Direct backing on your web, I want beta now:)
Gib me this sweet-sweet backing. I want to support this game cause, first, i believe it will be great, second, future is behind indie developers, third, ZOMBIES AND CITY MANAGEMENT!
Aidan Brenkovich
Hell Yes direct backing on your website, and maybe a future move to steam? Steam is a brilliant platform for playing games (particularly with friends) - but of course, comes with a few downsides as steam early access for full of filth.
Menorbriam [Numantian Games]
Hi! In any case, the beta version available from our web will be a Steam key so you can play as any other Steam game.
Direct backing from our web
I think direct backing from your website would be the more sensible option, especially if you already have all the money you need to develop the game. In any case, I'm really stoked to support your game. :)
Direct backing want bèta :P
Direct backing for the win!!
Direct backing from the site, take our money!
I don't care which (KS or direct), just start the beta already
Liam Neeson
I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for money, I can tell you I'm quite poor.But what I do have,are a very particular set of skills,skills I have acquired over a very long career.Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.If you release a beta out now,that'll be the end of it.I will not look for you,I will not pursue you.But if you don't,I will look for you,I will find you,and I will give you all my money...
Connor Doornbos
Direct to you guys, with some possible perks of course.
I don't think a kickstarter is the best option for you. Like you said, it's a lot of time and effort, and it can fail for many reasons, even if the game is really good. Doing like lot of big AAA games and allow people to already give money in exchange of early access/rewards etc... is a really good idea. It will save you tons of time and give you a restricted panel of players for alpha/beta/... who will give you tons of feedbacks.
Menorbriam [Numantian Games]
Hi! Thanks to all for the feedback. We fully agree with your comments. Direct backing from our web is the best option. We are working on it right now, we expect to release a new update next week. Stay tuned!
I found this game from nerd3 - pretty much won over when I heard age of empires crossed with the walking dead. Love it. I'm not even a really big gamer but was hooked to this. I love that you think you are doing well, you have energy, your reinforcements look good then oh no oh dear everything has gone wrong it's fun :) I think my best was like 87 days on easy, so I've got a lot to improve on
i have a question can you un-infect the villages of doom and use them or just destroy them for lost of bunker left supplies.

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