They Are Billions Update: Survival Mode Available Now!


Finally, They Are Billions Survival Mode is available on Steam! We know lots of people have been waiting patiently to play the game, especially the backers after we ran out beta keys. We have worked as if we were being chased by billions of zombies to launch the game much earlier than originally anticipated.

This version is now much more polished than the original. We have implemented lots of improvements suggested by the beta testers and also fixed billions of issues and bugs. This process will continue during the Early Access phase while we work on the epic Campaign Mode.

For the Backers of They Are Billions

The backing period and special editions are no longer available. Thank you so much for your support and patience. The overwhelming support for our game was so much more than we had ever dreamed of.

Your Steam key(s) are already available on your download page in Humble Store. Just use the link from the email you received as: “Your Ranger Edition is Ready.”

In January, we will start creating the special rewards for the Sniper, Lucifer, Thanatos, and Titan editions. We will contact all of you directly by email.

Last Version: V.0.4

From now on, we will announce the new versions and what’s next directly on the Steam Store updates section. As many of you may already know, these were the last changes to the game:

New Mayors System
Now the colony can choose a new Mayor when the colony reaches specific population levels. There are about 100 mayors with different levels and features.

The awesome Thanatos unit is now available. He can be very narcissistic, but his rocket launcher can blow up dozens of infected in one shot!

Veteran Units
Rangers, Soldiers, and Snipers earn experience and can level up, improving their attack power and speed.

Targets Selection Priority 
For the units, you can set the mode for auto-targeting enemies. Currently, it is only “The Nearest Enemy”. There will be another mode, where you can set the priority “High Level Enemies first”.

What’s next for V0.5?

New Building: The Tavern of Lost Souls
Would you like to attract mercenaries and strange travelers of all kinds to your colony? Nothing better than offering a beer by the fireplace.

Competitive Mode: Challenge of the Week
Every week you can play a specific map that will be the same for all players. All players will compete on the same map and their score will be registered on a Leaderboard. Players will only have one chance to play the Challenge of the Week.

New Languages Coming Soon!

We have decided to anticipate the translation of They Are Billions, so the Survival Mode can be enjoyed by all the players:
– Simplified Chinese: 汉语
– German: Deutsch
– French: Français
– Spanish: Español
– Russian: Pусский
– Polish: Polski
– Italian: Italiano
– Japanese: 日本
– Corean: 한국어

The Campaign

Don’t forget that the main mode of They Are Billions is the Campaign. Though the Survival Mode launch has taken us a lot of time, the development of the campaign is a bit delayed but don’t worry, it is going to be like a whole new game with a great story, characters, missions, and lots of new features like the steam trains, the old fortresses, the infected mutant… We expect that it will have about 40-50 hours of gameplay. And of course, it will be included for free for all the Backers and Early Access buyers.
We will talk about the campaign in the next updates!

Intel HD Graphics 2000 and 3000 Compatibility

We are aware of a problem with the Intel HD Graphics 2000 and 3000. We hope to fix it in the coming weeks ahead, but at the moment as the Store page says, the minimum requisites for Intel HD Graphics are HD4200+ (Haswell generation from late 2012).

Thanks for your Review

As you know, reviews on Steam are more important than ever. If you are enjoying the Survival Mode, please consider writing a review. The game is just in an early access phase, so we need all of your support to continue developing and improving the game. Thank you very much in advance for your time!

See you soon!
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  • On December 12, 2017
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SO if I have the game already on steam via early access then is the key I just received via humble bundle a different key? Do I need to redeem that key or is that a different key all together?
you guys are doing so well the reviews about this game are exceeding my expectations. I followed this game since a few weeks after its announcements and helped backed it up. With progress running so smoothly, the campaign nearing completion and so much positive reviews dont you guys think its time to look towards a coop mode for this game ? its up to you how it goes either two towns or one town and two mayors the gameplay is up to you developers but all in all thanks for making this game possible :)
Really awesome game, found it just 1 hour before it launched on steam and immediately bought it as soon as I could. Having lots of fun with it, the co-op mode should be next in the development timeline(after you finish what you wanted to), it would add a great experience to the game!
Vovan Chapkin
Great game, true Will the game has multiplayer soon? Company is fine, but wat to spend some time with others. Also it will boost the game sells ofc
I love this game, please continue to support It! (By an italian fan)
This game has a lot of potential but I don't see myself playing it for months on into the future unless some significant updates come out consistently which is hard you guys to do and time consuming. I was reading a previous post you guys made back in August which mentioned that multiplayer is the last thing on your mind, but I would ask you to reconsider that position as that aspect of these types of games increases longevity of the game and keeps players playing. As you see with a lot of the comments you receive on almost every platform of communication, it's a very popular idea people want added. You guys don't need to add really anything to the multiplayer. My friend and I had a few ideas of how to implement it with one being that 2 players being able to control one colony as the most fun. You don't need even need to add a server list or anything, just make it so people can host private games with a friend something simple like that. Vote pause time ect. Just some way to implement multiplayer will make a lot of people happy.
Hi, i really like your game and artstyle. Really refreshing, reminds me little bit of Warcraft 2 ... old days ... Anyway, as Jake said, i think many of us would like to see a multiplayer implementation in this game :) Gaming thoses days is more social, we need it :) I know that your game is still in dev, so, one thing that i really want to see next " patch " is a really tiny feature ... but a huge one for players : ... Duplicate function applied to buildings ? ( Like Rimworld, little incon on the building that you have previously selected ) Good luck for the next devs state, have fun and congrats for what you have already done.
@Jake said it perfectly! Multiplayer but just private games would be amazing and the game will last forever.
i agree with him @jake, i haven't bought this game (u know i dislike pre order so i put it on my wish list) i constantly watch in youtube, mp would be at least add more longevity, opposing cities, sabotage (dont think me ill human does that every time, i am not coz we zombies like each other )etc, but once again decision is on your hand i'll bought it whenever enough brain gathered.
Hey everybody at Numantian Games. I would very much appreciate a clock function in They are Billions. Like the windows computer clock, down below in the left or right corner of the screen. Could be toggled in options ON and OFF. They have the clock function in HearthStone (Blizzard Entertainment), which is really nice when you play for extended periodes and want to keep track of time. Best regards Andrew - and I'm looking forward to see the feature implemented :)
Recommend actively updating two contents: 1. Language version 2. Online mode, two players can control one base at the same time, and close the suspension function!
I would personally love to see this game on mobile. It would be simply excellent for the mobile platform. The UI is already very well optimized for mobile control. I recognize that a considerable amount of work would need to go into making this game mobile compatible, but the fact that the graphics and interface already work very well for it would make the adaptation easier.
This game looks so good i wish it had co op so i could play with a friend.
hi devs, your game is really amazing but need some changes like -add autoqueuing in the barrack -make tesla tower range longer because its annoyingly short, and you can make it more expensive or make an upgrade -add some soldiers upgrade, towers upgrade, walls upgrade,... -more upgrades mean more strategy more focusing in a specific type of defense
Ant Security
this game looks soooo amazing, but i cant play it since macs are not supported yet D: pls give macs access too :D i need it XD
Mark McCallum
Looks like a great game. Up voting for a Mac release soon. Managed it for "Lords of Xulima", hopefully the success of the game will make it worthwhile for this as well!
Guys, any chance that focus on multiplayer after the Campaign launch? I think it has an incredible potential, and will increase the player base and decrease the piracy of it. So far, all I gotta say is "Thank you, and congratulations" I can't stop playing it
+1 Private Lobby Multiplayer This game is epic. I was at 35 hours before I beat a round on hard. Private multiplayer please!

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