They Are Billions Update: New Languages and The Community Challenge

Greetings Survivors!

We have a lot of news to share about our most recent big update V0.6!

Nine New Languages Available!!

Now the game can be played in Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean, Japanese, Russian, German, French, Polish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

The game should start selecting the language automatically. If it does not work please select the language from the Options screen.

Of course, consider the new translation in a beta state as is the game. We will check and improve everything with time. Also, you can use this forum to give us feedback or reporting issues. Each language has its own forum discussion. Our translators will check the forums and update everything as soon as possible.

Are you the best survivor? Try the Community Challenge!

Finally, it is here! Every week, starting on Monday there will be a new Community Challenge where you can play the same survival map and compete with the entire They Are Billions community. The scores will be uploaded to a leaderboard where you can compare your score with other players or friends. You have just one opportunity to try every challenge, so be careful!

Some More Features for V.0.6

Waypoints for Patrol, Travel and Attack Commands

Now you can add more waypoints to a unit’s path when using the commands Patrol, Travel, and Attack. To do so, just keep the SHIFT key pressed when selecting the target of the command. It also works for the Move command. This can be done with the right button, just keep the SHIFT key pressed to add more points.

The Old Towers

Now in the survival maps, you can find some old fortified towers that were infected and abandoned some time ago. You can reclaim these structures and have them join your colony. They can be reactivated once they are repaired.

Explosive Barrels

A new bonus you can find in some of the ruins. Explosive barrels can be carried by Soldiers, Snipers, and Lucifers and placed anywhere you’d like. If a unit shoots the barrel, it will explode causing devastating damage to the surroundings. Be careful, because they will detonate more barrels within range. They can be very useful to lessen a big swarm, or even blow up a full Doom Village!

New Dwelling Models

We have created more models for the wood and stone houses. They share the same style as the older ones but add a bit more variety and beauty to the colony.

New Swarm Music Theme

Our great composer has created a new atmospheric theme for the swarms. Hope you like it. Also, very soon we will record the entire soundtrack with the symphonic orchestra of Bratislava!

Some more minor changes:

– Improvement: Commands activated with the keyboard are more responsive (they are activated on key down, instead of on the key up event).
– Improvement: When Steam Overlay is activated the game pauses automatically and when it is closed the game continues from its last state (paused/playing).
– Improvement: When sending a unit to attack a position, now the travel indicator is displayed in the color red.
– Improvement: When attacking a specific unit with the attack command, a small red indicator will be displayed under the target unit.
– Fixed: When using the command attack key repeatedly the units cancel their current action even when attacking the same target area.
– Fixed: Steam Overlay activation could leave some phantom keys pressed.
– Fixed: Technology names in mayor description.
– Fixed: Graphics glitch with patrol path line.

F.A.Q Available in the forum

We have published here a Frequent Asked Questions post that should answer the main questions about the game. We will update the F.A.Q periodically with more information.

And that’s all for now. In the next big update, we expect to add some more features like the Lost Tavern, the Monuments and Wonders and the Great Telescope (the first new addon for the Command Center). Stay tuned!

See you soon!

  • Posted by Julie
  • On January 26, 2018
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I love the most recent updates. Keep up the awesome work! Will there be an update to add a straight up/down position of the gate?
进不去游戏啊 怎么破!!
After the switch languages Unable to enter the game!!!!!! How to do??????? Please explain!!!!!
Delete the game to redownload the trial three times or not!I am a Chinese player! How to solve???
Do you plan to do a Mac version?
    Not at the moment:
Christopher Baus
Unloved this game though I’m already super excited about the campaign! Could you give us an update on which month the campaign will appear?
Unloved this game though I’m already super excited about the campaign! Could you give us an update on which month the campaign will appear?
I love this game though I’m already super excited about the campaign! Could you give us an update on which month the campaign will be released?
Nick Nieman
Since the patch, when i select a unit and click on the location on the mini map the unit does not move there, it's a new bug i guess. minimap/movement issue
Please change the font of the Russian language. He does not look good in this game.
Y tho
Will you ever make 2nd campaign?
Y tho
Add a wire fence that has lower health than a wall but Lucifer’s can shoot through it
Idk where suggestions go but maybe one of you will read this. You ought to think about porting to the switch. The gyro function of the joy cons could work as the cursor and with the pause feature optimisation won't be such a pressing issue. I would buy it again for sure. It would be perfect for the switch honestly.

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