Development Update: The Incoming Wonders

This is a quick update to talk a bit more about the development and incoming features for They Are Billions. It has been a long time since our last update because we have been working in parallel on different parts of the game, not only for the Campaign but also for the Survival Mode.

The Six Wonders

Six new buildings are coming… and they are the greatest ones! They are extremely expensive to research and build. Not many colonies will have the capacity to even build just one of them. After all, we are surviving in a zombie apocalypse so there is no place for such luxurious and opulent wonders… BUT, if your colony has plenty of resources or you want to take the risk to build one of them, they can grant you very special rewards. Your colony will be the envy of all. 🙂

One of them, the cheapest one, will be the Inn/Tavern we mentioned in old updates. Finally, we had to change its function as it was conflicting with other elements of the Campaign.

In the next update, we will show you all the Wonders and explain the special rewards. A quick look ahead on the Six Wonders, all of them will give you extra victory points if you win the game. The extra points will be very useful for the veteran players that try to get the highest score possible for the Survival or Community Challenge.

The Soundtrack Scored by the Bratislava Philharmonic Orchestra

Our composer, Nicolas Diteriks, is about to record the soundtrack of They Are Billions with the 60 musicians of the Bratislava Philharmonic Orchestra. This is going to be epic! In the next update, we will show you some videos. Stay tuned!

How is the final score computed?

Many people have asked us how the final game score is computed. This method could change in the future, especially with the new Wonders coming.

Right now, we use this formula:

– If the game is won the score is:
Score = 10,000 + 5.000 * (1 – 10 * Colonist Infected) + 5.000 * (1 -10 * Soldiers Died)

– If the game is lost then:
Score = 1.000 * (Number of Days Survived / Total Days to Win)

– Extra points for colonists:
Score += Max. Colony Population / 2

– Extra points for infected killed:
Score += Max. Infected Killed / 10

And then the final score is multiplied by the score factor.

For the Community Challenge, the score factor can be 100%, 115%, 135% or 155% depending on the map type.

The Campaign Development

There is much to do in the Campaign. We know the expectations are very high, so we want to create something really special. We are producing lots of new assets and implementing many more features.

As many of you already know, in the Campaign you will have to reconquest a huge territory from the infected under the orders of the New Empire. We want the campaign to be non-linear, so the player can decide if he or she prefers to explore an old human base in search of new technology or attack a huge swarm of 200K infected that is blocking a new territory to build a colony with their imperial army… Together with how the player progresses in the science and engineering tree, relation with the new empire, map reconquest strategy, and selection of objectives will make each campaign unique.

We want to add a lot of optional content so players that are stuck and cannot progress will more have more options to expand their army and advance in the technology trees.

Although this decision could change later, we would like to continue with the Ironman Mode for the missions, in the sense that you cannot reload old saves while playing a mission. Of course, if you lose you can repeat it again. Also, you can save freely when you are in the intermissions Campaign Dashboard.

And that’s all for the moment, see you in the next update!

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  • On March 1, 2018
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Aidan Brenkovich
Loving the idea for the Campaign and I really can't wait to give it a go. After playing the survival mode for 60+ hours, I feel confident you'll do it justice with plenty to do and all the more challenging!!!
Iron wall confirmed! Make the colony great again!!
Shane Clark
Thank you for keeping Ironman mode! It is unprecedented. Don't listen to the wimps that can't handle it!
(1-10*10) = -99 or -90 in your math rule?
so not a word about the broken ui/input handling?
So is the campaign already available or not yet ????
Can't wait to try the new buildings! Is there any chance we get 2 small qol changes that are highly requested (mainly by streamers): - Option to turn healthbars always on - Option to always have attack notifications on (UI sometimes overlaps with attacked units,and doesn't give a notification and playing zoomed out sometimes causes missing things in the edges of the screen) Thanks!
Hi, please leave iron man optional so that players can be creative and experiment with different tactics.
    #Johnny the Ironman is what makes this game unique, the fact that any small mistakes costs it all makes the game frustrating but challenging and addictive at the same time. Many times I lost I wished to be able to load a Save but then I became happy that I couldn't because it helped me to become much better much faster and to challenge myself.
    #Johnny That’s why you restart. You can try as many tactics as you want ever match. Reloading saves is a cheap way to beat the game and would make it not as terrifying because you can’t lose the. You can reload and fix the issue and win.
I am not that interested in campaign. Multi player coop is what this game needs.
When is the campaign finally being released? You said spring 2018
Awesome game and it will be an awesome update :) The survival mode alone is worth all the money, hearing about the campaign just shows off that you are working hard at the game. Keep it up! Love it!
I totally agrre that the ironman concept is what makes the game awesome instead of just good.. that and the pause function.. f.....g love it :D
I feel like several people may have already mentioned it but, if possible could you guys please add an option to turn the camera? I have lost several times not due to lack of resources or whatnot but simply because I thought an area was walled off when it wasn't due to the cliff hiding the other squares, or at least add an option to toggle the squares on/off
    I agree with the need to be able to pivot the camera. I understand this could cause some confusion when it says 'attack coming from the N/S/E/W, but if there was a compass in a corner, then it shouldn't be a problem.

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