They Are Billions Update: New Soundtrack and New Special Building Available!


It has been an old dream of ours here at Numantian to have the opportunity to record the soundtrack of TAB with a philharmonic orchestra. Our composer, Nicolas Diteriks, did a tremendous job collaborating with Johannes Vogel, who conducts the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra. His orchestra has a great deal of experience recording music for video games (Castlevania, Batman Arkham Origins, Assasin’s Creed III, Lords of the Fallen). It was an amazing experience and we’re thrilled with the final result. We hope the final results will make the playing experience of They Are Billions even more intense and engaging.

For a sneak peak of the recording session follow this link:

New Special Building: The Inn

Build an Inn for your colony to attract workers and mercenaries from the surroundings. Inns are very big and expensive buildings, but they have certain special features that can significantly help you in developing a successful colony. You’re only able to construct one Inn per colony, and you have to research it first in the Wood Workshop.

These are the goodies!

Happier Colonists
The colonists surrounding the Inn will get increasingly happier as they visiting the first-floor tavern causing them to spend more money there that will fill the colony reserves.

Workers for the Colony
You can expect lots of travelers visiting your colony to enjoy the Inn’s hospitality. Be sure you have enough food for your guests and also keep the fireplace stoked with enough wood to keep the rooms warm and cozy.

There are a lot of lonely heroes roaming these dangerous and desolated lands. They aren’t ones to linger, but they love to stop for a rest and to enjoy a good beer. They can be hired by a fair price. Build as many colonist houses near the Inn as you can to keep a steady stream of animated colonists and to attract more and better mercenaries.

More news about the development: The Incoming Wonders

They’re taking more time than expected, but they are looking terrific! They’ll be the biggest and most awesome buildings we have created. We expect to have them finished for the next update, but for now, let’s give you the names of the Six Wonders:

– The Beholder
– The Lightning Spire
– The Transmutator
– The Victorious
– The Academy of Immortals
– The Crystal Palace

More news: 150+ new mayors on the works!

It’s true, we haven’t gone mad, more than new 150 mayors are coming!!

As some you surely remember we launched a supporting campaign ( for They Are Billions some time before the official release. We offered special rewards for the fans who wanted to back the game. We’re happy to announce the three highest rewards: the Lucifer, Thanatos and Titan ones, included the creation of a custom mayor inspired in those backers who purchased it.

It’s a massive job! We have to contact the backers, draw a portrait and design their mayor, which requires a lot of feedback, changes, balancing, testing and translating all the slogans into eleven languages. So it is taking some time. We plan to release the mayors in stages, adding a pack of them with every new version.

We’ve already created 30, and they’re all looking awesome. They’re going to add a lot of variety to the game. For example, there’s a new one that pays you a gold coin for every zombie killed 🙂

New Version 0.7: Changes Log

– New Special Building: The Inn
– New Game Option: Show all alerts. It display all the alert events even when the action is happening inside the camera view are.
– All music themes scored by the Bratislava Philharmonic Orchestra.
– Buildings whose production is paused now displays an icon on the map.
– Some balancing tweaks: Foundry and Engineering Center now costs 3000 gold.

And that’s all for the moment…

We expect that we’ll publish the Six Wonders in the next update, but perhaps we will release a prior update with some of the new mayors. . . stay tuned!

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  • On March 26, 2018
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Shane Clark
I've waited a while, and the game isn't even out yet... But this is my favorite game of all time! It is everything I love in a game, and you guys are just pumping out more and more with every update. I wish I could go back to buy a higher edition than the sniper that I purchased. Keep up the good work and no that it is truly appreciated. I have kids, so I don't have all day to play games like I used to, the time I do make, it's playing They Are Billions.
Great game. However, the game doesn't really reward spending big. Most experts seem to get by on low tech, like just ballistas and snipers. I'm kind of confused as to the point of the inn. It's too expensive early game and by mid game the merceneries being offered are mostly defunct. It's also very hard to position the building among your houses.
    I have not tried using it yet, that sounds discouraging. I'm sure they will add balancing if it ends up not working out at first! Besides i'm more upset that they raised the cost of the foundry and engineering center!(It was only 2000 before?) Makes it harder! ;) Gotta practice!
      I'd be good to get a clearly displayed, full list of changes with every update, not just the highlights. It seems there've been some tweaks to costs and money generation. I was playing a game yesterday and found my economy was all off, and I didn't really understand why.
filazaf Why i cannot access this site?
Love the video! Can't wait for the campaign and keep up the good work!
Hector campus
Estaria bien que alguno de los nuevos edificios especiales no se pudieran construir y que aparecieran en las cuidades malditas de infectados,que al ser un edificio mas de los infectados tubiera que ser "vaciado" provocando a los ocupantes y una vez limpiado de okupas e de las demas amenazas pudiera ser capturado otra vez por la colonia colocando un generador tesla en las cercanias.
i am getting annoyed about the campaign not being released
Could you give us a rough estimate when the campaign will be released (afraid „early spring“ might not cut it)?

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